Milk and Juice Production Line

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    1. Milk Production LineMilk Reception or Powder Dissolving Mixing Section
      Mixing and Sugar Melting Section...

Milk and Juice Production Line
Our company is involved in the designing, manufacture, installation and debugging of complete milk and juice production lines.
The milk and juice production line can be used in the production of all kinds of dairy products such as pure milk, flavored milk, sour milk, yogurt, ice cream, butter, and many others. The whole milk line has several units.

Milk Reception or Powder and Water Mixing Unit
There is a milk receiving tank where the milk is poured into. This unit consists of milk machinery responsible for quality testing, grading, and weighing of the milk received. Storage tanks are available for the storage of the raw materials (fresh milk or powder milk).

This unit is also responsible for the mixing of milk powder with correct amounts of water. The milk powder can be used in cases where there is a shortage in the quantity of milk or in times of urgency.

Mixing and Sugar Melting Unit
This unit comprises the following beverage machinery: mixing machine, heat system, cooler, mixing tank/blending tank.

The mixing machine has a heat system that supplies hot water. This machine is responsible for melting sugar into syrup. A cooler is then used to cool the syrup before it is moved to the next stage, which is the mixing tank/blending tank. In the blending tank, the syrup is mixed with milk, preparing it for pasteurization.

Pasteurizer and Homogenizer
In this section, the milk can be further processed by killing the bacteria in order to arrive at the required shelf life.
the Pasteurizer carries out two types of heat treatment (Pasteurization). The Pasteurizer is chosen and designed to suit the plant according to the different product types and filling types.
1. High temperature/short time treatment (HTST) – involves passing milk through heated pipes for 15-20 seconds. The temperature used is around 72 degrees Celsius. Once this is done, the milk is cooled.
2. Ultra-high temperature treatment (UHT) – the milk is exposed to extremely high temperatures of about 138 degrees Celsius for a short period of time (not more than 2 seconds). This method gives the milk a longer shelf life.

this milk machinery carries out the task of forcing milk to pass through small holes at a given pressure. This causes the reduction of the fat globules to ensure even suspension. Homogenization improves the quality of the product and a degasser is used to eliminate the air that is mixed with the product.

Storage or Yogurt Producing Unit
This is where the product is stored. The unit is also responsible for the production of yogurt.

Filling or Packing Unit
This section has packaging machinery which is custom made depending on the type of packaging used. It is beverage machinery designed to carry out the task of mass packaging. The filling types used will largely depend on the customers' preference and requirements such as PET bottle, HDPE bottle, glass bottle, gable pack, plastic cups, etc.

CIP Cleaning Systems
These are known as cleaning in place systems which are used to ensure that the milk machinery used in milk processing is consistently cleaned and sanitized to ensure high standards of hygiene. They are efficient because they clean the equipment and pipes used without dismantling them. This helps in saving costs while at the same time ensuring that the production line is clean and free of contamination.

After Treatment Equipment
After treatment machinery is conveyor, package or pallet, etc.
There are other assistant equipments used such as steam boilers, air compressor, cold water unit, etc.

Installation materials for the product pipes, power pipes as well as electrical installation are provided.

The production line described here is only a sample design. Our company designs production lines in line to the customer requirements. We design and provide whole production lines for milk and juice products called turnkey projects.

Capacity of plant – can be 2T-300T/D.
Products type – can be of 1 or 2 or more kinds.
Filling types – can be decided by the customer then designed accordingly.

As a company, it is our pleasure to provide you with all necessary information about the plant that you need.