Soy Milk, Drinking Production Line
Soy Milk, Drinking Production Line

Soy Milk, Drinking Production Line

Our company designs and manufactures complete soy milk production lines to produce soy milk products such as soy milk and soy yogurt and others.
This soy milk, drinking production line uses raw soy bean as raw material, via a series of equipment to extract the milk from soy bean. Then after the pasteurizer and the homogenizer, pure soy milk is produced. Most important part of soy milk plant is to remove the beany smell, and the vacuum degasser is surely necessary.
The processes of the soy milk production line are as follows:
Soy Bean Reception Unit
In this unit, soy beans are received and washed. Once they are clean, they are split into half after steaming and a vacuum is used to suck the hulls. Once the hulls have been removed, the soy beans are passed to the next stage of the soy milk production line.

Invalidating or Inactivating Enzymes Unit
The soy beans contain certain unwanted enzymes that cannot be digested by the human stomach. In this unit, the soy beans are cooked at high temperature and under pressure. This causes the unwanted enzymes to be inactivated.

Milk Extraction Unit
This extraction unit has machinery designed to extract milk from the soy beans. The machinery grinds the soy beans and separates the fiber. When ground, the soy beans become ready for milk extraction (slurry) and are therefore moved to a centrifuge.
The centrifuge is responsible for the extraction of insoluble bean parts hence the liquid is extracted. After this, the soy milk undergoes the most important step in the soy milk production line. This step involves the removal of the unwanted bean smell using a vacuum degasser. After this, it is blended with sugar and other suitable flavors and nutrients to come up with soy milk or yogurt.

Pasteurization Unit
In this unit, the extracted soy milk is passed through the pasteurization process. Here, the soy milk is passed through controlled heat for a specific amount of time to determine its shelf life. The heat treatment may be of Ultra-heat treatment (UHT) or High-temperature short time treatment (HTST).

The soy milk is then passed through the homogenizer which is responsible for the breaking down of fat particles while at the same time ensuring that they do not separate from the mixture. This is done under high pressure.

Cooling and Storage Unit
After homogenization, the soy milk undergoes a cooling process then it is passed on to sealed storage tanks, ready for packaging.

Packaging Unit
This unit of the soy milk production line is equipped with suitable packaging machinery. This machinery is specially designed to ensure that the soy milk is packaged without exposure to air.

The soy milk production line described above is just a sample. Our company designs production lines that are compatible with the customers' preferences.