Juice Production Line
Juice Production Line

Juice Production Line

The fruit juice production line designed by our company is capable of producing all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices. The machinery is carefully designed to ensure that the end-product is of high quality. Examples of fruits that are suitable for processing include apples, pawpaw, sea buckthorn, tomatoes, Chinese date, mangoes, apricot, peach, pears, oranges, etc. The production line has various units.

Fruit Reception and Washing Unit
This production unit has different machinery designed to wash different fruits and vegetables. The washing is to remove dirt as well as pesticides used on them. Once the fruits have been washed, they are graded and bad ones are removed. They are passed through a conveyor that helps remove the stems and leaves from the fruit.

Fruit Pulping Unit
This unit of the fruit juice production line has the fruit pulping machine which is responsible for extracting the pulp and juice from the fruits. The fruit pulping machine is the main equipment in this production line and it is available in various designs and capacities according to the needs of the client. Once the juice is extracted, it undergoes a process of filtering and then is passed to the other stage.

At this stage, the juice is ready for concentration or reconstitution. During concentration, special equipment known as thermally accelerated short-time evaporator (TASTE) is used. Concentrated juice has a longer shelf life and is much more concentrated than the squeezed juice. For reconstitution of the juice, the concentrate is carefully blended with water to come up with the desired quality of product.

At this stage of the fruit juice production line, the juice is introduced into the pasteurization machine to increase its shelf life. Various methods of Pasteurization are used which involve giving the juice some heat treatment for a specific amount of time.

Packaging/Filling unit
Specialized machinery is installed for this purpose. The machinery is able to carry out mass packaging and is designed to meet the requirements of the client. Packaging may be done in plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, among others.

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