Pasteurizer, UHT Sterilizer

Pasteurizer, UHT Sterilizer
Our company designs and manufactures equipment designed to carry out Pasteurization as well as ultra-high heat treatment of liquid products. The aim of Pasteurization is to increase the shelf life of the product by using heat to destroy certain harmful microorganisms. The pasteurizer exposes the liquid product to heat for a certain period. Ultra heat treatment involves exposing the product to a very high temperature for a short period then cooling it soon afterwards. This method is known as UHT and it gives the product a longer shelf life. The other pasteurizing method is called high temperature short time treatment (HTST).

The process of Pasteurization is carried out in three stages: heating, holding and cooling.

Characteristics of Pasteurizer, UHT sterilizer
The basic components of the Pasteurizer or UHT sterilizer are as follows:
Heating section:
A pasteurizing machine is designed to expose liquid products to some degree of heat treatment to increase their shelf life. Heating is carried out through heated plates or metal pipes which hold the milk at a certain temperature for a given period
Cooling section:
the cooling section lowers the temperature of the product after the heat treatment.

Working principle
The Pasteurizing machine is capable of carrying out two types of heat treatment. One is the high temperature short time treatment (HTST) and the other is the ultra-high heat treatment (UHT). The heat applied in the Pasteurization process is responsible for destroying harmful bacteria while at the same time ensuring that the flavors of the product are maintained.

High temperature short time treatment (HTST) – The Pasteurizer equipment has metal plates or pipes which are heated to around 71.7 degrees Celsius. The liquid product being pasteurized is then forced to pass through the heated plates or pipes for a period of 15-20 seconds.

Ultra-high heat treatment – in this treatment, the metal plates or pipes are heated to a higher temperature of about 138 degrees Celsius. The product is then passed through them and held for about 1 second.

After the heat treatment, the product is passed through a system of coolers to lower the temperature.

Our company designs Pasteurizers and UHT sterilizers to meet the requirements of our clients. The equipment is of various types and designs including the aseptic tube-in-tube sterilizer, aseptic tubular UHT sterilizer, plate HTST Pasteurizer (4, sections), plate Pasteurizer (3 sections), aseptic plate UHT sterilizer (5 sections), yogurt Pasteurizer (4sections), water bath squeegee sterilizer, continuous spraying tunnel cooker and cooler, etc.