CIP Cleaning Series (Cleaning in Place)
    1. Full-auto Split Type CIP SystemOur full-auto split type CIP system can be double circuit, three circuit, four circuit and so on as per your requirement. Multi circuit operating at the
    1. Full-auto Split Type CIP UnitFull-auto split type CIP unit is installed on a frame and supporter which makes it easy to transport especially when exporting materials. ...
    1. Semi-auto Split Type CIP System The working principle of semi-auto split type CIP system can be presented as follows:
      first, set the cleaning ...
    1. Semi-auto Split Type CIP UnitSemi-auto split type CIP unit is usually installed on a frame and supporter which makes it easy to transport especially when exporting material. ...
    1. Small Conjunct Type CIP Cleaning System Small conjunct type CIP cleaning system can perform the working procedures of acid cleaning, alkali ...

CIP Cleaning series (Cleaning in Place)
CIP cleaning series are important equipment in the food industry because they are designed to ensure the constant cleaning of equipment used during processing. They facilitate the cleaning and sterilization of the equipment with minimal change of their position. Our company provides cleaning in place systems in different configurations and series according to the needs of the client. Some of the series include full-auto split type CIP system, semi-auto split type CIP system, small conjunct type CIP cleaning system, etc.

Applications of CIP systems
Cleaning in Place systems is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. They clean closed tanks/vessels and closed circuits such as piping systems, valves, pumps, plate heat exchangers, etc. All these are cleaned in place and therefore eliminate the need to alter their position in the production line. This ensures that the production process is not disrupted and time is saved.

In designing the CIP cleaning series, our company ensures that the design is suitable for the task so that the cleaning chemical used gets adequate surface contact with the surface being cleaned. The system produces adequate mechanical force to push the washing agent at a certain flow rate depending on the equipment size and the size of the pipes used. The cleaning temperature as well as the time taken is also considered in order to ensure that cleaning is carried out thoroughly. The type of CIP system installed and the temperature of solution used will depend on the nature and type of the waste to be washed away from the equipment.

Working principle
The equipment and piping installations are washed using water and the right concentration of cleaning agent. Depending on the waste to be eliminated, the cleaning solution used is heated to a certain temperature and exposed to a specific amount of pressure. The temperature used will also affect the amount of time spent in the cleaning process.

The cleaning process may be designed as follows:
1. First rinse which may be with hot or warm water;
2. Washing with cleaning solution;
3. Rinsing with clean water;
4. Sanitization of the Equipment;
5. Final rinsing which is optional depending on the method of sanitization;

CIP cleaning series help save time as equipment is washed in place, limited labor cost and time saving, prevention of second hand contamination, facilitates constant cleaning and sterilization, easy to maintain and operate, save energy, are highly efficient, etc. The design adopted will be custom made to suit the working process of the equipment.