Evaporator, Concentrating Equipment
    1. Falling Film Evaporating MachineDual-& triple-purpose falling film evaporating machine is usually used for low temperature concentration in many industries, such as dairy, glucose, starch, pharmacy, chemicals, biochemical project, environmental protection project, and waste liquid recycle.         
    1. Single Effect Falling Film Evaporator
      As an evaporator, concentrating equipment supplier, we can provide single effect falling film evaporator which can evaporate the water in the milk and fruit juice by form of falling film evaporation.
      It is widely used for concentrating and dehydration in some industries such as food, biology engineering, pharmacy and chemistry and so on. ...
    1. Two Effects Falling Film EvaporatorTwo effects falling film evaporator provided by us, a professional evaporator, concentrating equipment supplier, uses two effects falling film to evaporate the water in fruit juice. The adoption of two effects will make high use of steam and consume low energy.
    1. Three Effects Falling Film EvaporatorOur three effects falling film evaporator can make high use of steam and consume low power.
      Evaporation is carried out fast in a full closed and low temperature condition, so the original color, smell and flavor of fruit juice will not be destroyed.
    1. Four Effects Falling Film EvaporatorIt is widely used for concentrating and dehydration in some industries such as food, biology engineering, pharmacy and chemistry and so on.
      Our four effects falling film evaporator mainly comprises evaporator, separator, and condenser.
      Manual control and automatic control are both available. ...
    1. Full Automatic DegasserFull automatic degasser is made up of degassing part, condensing part, vacuum pump, and so on.
      It can be used to remove the smelly and oxygen in milk and juice thoroughly and quickly. The process is operated in vacuum environment.
    1. Full Automatic Flash Evaporator SystemOur full automatic flash evaporator system can be used in milk, beverage industry as well as to process other liquid food.
      The device can work together with pasteurizer.
      Its condensing unit can recycle the flavor. ...
    1. Plate EvaporatorThe plate evaporator features high efficiency, compact construction, easy dismantlement and cleaning, etc.
      It can be used in a low-height plant.
      In addition, its function can be willfully adjusted by increasing or decreasing the quantity of the plates.
    1. Thermosiphon EvaporatorModel:FL-120 / FL-180
      Evaporation area (M2):120 / 180
      Water inlet (mm):DN25 / DN32
      Return gas (mm):DN150 / DN200
    1. Multi-Effect Plate EvaporatorModel :JMZ3.0/JMZ6.0/JMZ12.0/JMZ20.0
      Evaporation Capacity (t/h):3.0/6.0/12.0/20.0
      Steam Consumption (Generated vapor) (t/h) :0.9 /1.8/3.6/6.0
    1. Fresh Water Flake Ice Evaporator Model:KMC-0.5T/KMC-1T/KMC-2T/KMC-3T
      Daily Output(t):0.5/1/2/3
      Evaporating Temperature(℃):-20/-20/-20/-20
    1. Sea Water Flake Ice EvaporatorModel:KMHC-1T/KMHC-3T/KMHC-5T
      Daily Output(t) :1/3/5
      Evaporating Temperature(℃) :-28 /-28 /-28
    1. High Degree Plate Evaporator The fluid will form fogdrop in high speed airflow produced by the corrugated plates and the narrow gaps between them. This offers a larger superficial area for mass transfer, thus the concentration of solvent is much lower in fluid. After gas-liquid separation...
    1. Double Effect EvaporatorModel: SJN II 500 /SJN II 1000 /SJN II 1500 /SJN II 2000
      Evaporation capacity (kg/h) :500 /1000 / 1500 / 2000
      Steam consumption (kg/h) :≤250 /≤500 / ≤750 / ≤1000
      Overall dimension L*W*H(m) :4x1.5x3.3 / 5x1.6x3.5 /6x1.6x3.7 /6.5x1.7x4.3
    1. Flake Ice Evaporator Our flake ice evaporator is applied to flake ice machine for producing ice flakes. The core part of our flake ice evaporator is highly-efficient in heat conductivity. With light-load screw blade, it is particularly suitable for making even and powderless ice flake, which is not apt to agglomerate and could be restored for a longer time.