Fruit Washing Equipment, Choosing Equipment

    1. Surfing Washing Machine As a fruit washing equipment, choosing equipment supplier, we can provide surfing washing machine for use in washing fruits and vegetables ...
    1. Roller with Brush Cleaning Machine Roller with brush washing machine is made up of stainless steel tube and brush.
      The brush is made of polyethylene ...
    1. Rolling Drum Brush Washing MachineAs a fruit washing equipment, choosing equipment supplier, we can produce rolling drum brush washing (cleaning) machine for washing root vegetables ...
    1. Roller Fruit Choosing Machine The roller of roller fruit choosing machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel tube or PVC plastic tube ...
    1. Fruit Spiral Grading MachineFruit spiral grading machine is a kind of fruit washing equipment which is used to separate and grade the citrous fruit according to different sizes of fruits.

Fruit Washing Equipment, Choosing Equipment
Fruit washing equipment
Our company designs and manufactures fruit washing equipment of different specifications to suit a wide range of fruit and vegetable types. The aim is to eliminate contamination as well as pesticides sprayed on it. There is a wide range of fruit washing equipment available such as surfing washing (cleaning) machine, roller with brush washing (cleaning) machine, and rolling drum brush cleaning machine, among others.

The washing process can be divided into three steps namely: soaking, washing and rinsing. The soaking is meant to loosen the contamination and dust on the surface of the material. It is important to consider the duration of soaking to avoid loss of nutrients from the fruits or vegetables. They are then washed appropriately then rinsed with clean water. Rinsing may involve spraying the fruits with the water.  

Factors to consider when choosing washing equipment
When choosing the kind of washing equipment to use on fruits and vegetables, it is important to look at the size, shape and level of fragility of the type of fruits and vegetables to be washed. The texture of the fruit or vegetable being washed is also taken into consideration.
For fruits and vegetables that require soft washing, the surf washing machine is the most suitable.